Here’s how easy it is to begin cultivating a foodie:

Simply complete the contact us form or call us at 1-877-4-FOODIE (1-877-436-6343) to sign up for our infant nutrition program. We suggest you do this prior to your baby’s birth. This allows us to provide you with information and support regarding feeding your baby from the very beginning. Don’t worry if you missed signing up before your baby was born, just enroll today! It’s never too late to begin cultivating a foodie.

Then we will contact you to conduct an initial profile and assessment. From then your Nutrition Manager will contact you monthly to follow your baby’s growth and development and will develop your baby’s menus accordingly.

After your order has been placed, we will email you a paypal invoice (Note: You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay your invoice). Payments can be made on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.  Since all food is custom made, payments must be made by the Tuesday proceeding the Saturday delivery. Each delivery comes with the designated number of containers for the stage and a corresponding menu. You can choose to receive food weekly or biweekly basis.

Prices are based on your baby’s stage. Each stage includes an assortment of developmentally appropriate grains, vegetables, fruit and protein. Dairy and “good” fats are incorporated when suitable.

Nursing - Lactation and/or feeding consultation. $50 per 30 minute session or $250.00 for a home visit (up to 3 hours).
Leaning - One week of 15 assorted containers. $37.50
Sitting - One week of 20 assorted containers. $50.00
Crawling - One week of 30 assorted containers. $75.00
Walking - One week of 35 assorted containers. $87.50
Running - One week of 40 assorted containers. $100.00

We are committed to exemplary customer service and nutrition integrity in practices and products.

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