Our philosophy is that food for babies should meet their nutritional needs for optimal growth and development. Additionally, we believe that the early introduction of an extensive variety of foods will help establish healthy eating as a way of life. We define foodies as “those who love food and everything about it” and are commitment to “cultivating foodies from birth.” It is our belief that food should inspire and cultivate your baby’s maturing palette.

Whereas, traditional jarred baby food, with long shelf lives, are processed with extended high heat exposure that destroys the nutrition integrity of the food; we teach families ways to prepare homemade, fresh food that preserve nutrients. We advocate the season's freshest, highest quality ingredients to make our recipes that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers, artificial colors, added sugar and salt. We take pride in our food being “proudly perishable” and it being food you would love to eat.

Our commitment goes beyond “cultivating foodies from birth.” Part of our profits and all of our passion goes to support The Joshua Caleb Project (TJCP). TJCP is a non-profit organization founded to promote and fund awareness and research for incompetent cervix.